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About Us

Ningbo Borine Machinery Co.,Ltd.      Ningbo Borine Machinery Co.,Ltd.  was founded in 2002, is a private enterprise specialized in researching and manufacturing Bearings, Farm replacement parts and Unstandard machinery parts. The main products include Agricultural Bearings,  Insert Bearings& Flange Units, Tapered Roller Bearings, Spherical Plain Bearings, Needle Roller Bearings, Thrust Ball Bearings, Roller Chains, Agricultural Chains, Sprockets, V-Belts, Farm Spare parts, Power Transmission Tarts and Machine Parts. With advanced equipment & management,powerful technique, strictly quality control, we have passed certification of ISO9001:2008.  After years of exploration,products have been exported to America, Europe, ...

Catalogue and Products

Agricultural Bearings

205DDS-3/4, GP188-007V Special Agricultural bearing

Disc Harrow Bearing

Disc Harrow Bearings Applications, Disc Harrow Bearings-Square Bore, Non-relubricable series, W209PPB6, DS209TT6, 24R-209E3 Disc Harrow Bearing, W208K2-E9003, DC208TT2, AK3892B Disc Harrow Bearing, GW214PPB5, DS214TTR5, 60249C91 Disc Harrow Bearing, Disc Harrow Bearings-Round Bore, Non-relubricable series, Disc Harrow Bearings-Round Bore, Relubricable series, Disc Harrow Bearings-Square Bore, Relubricable series, GW211PPB17 Disc Harrow Bearing, AA28184, GW209PPB13, DS209TTR13 Disc Harrow Bearing, AA28186, GW211PPB20, DS211TTR20 Disc Harrow Bearing, GW208PP17, DC208TTR17 Disc Harrow Bearing, GW208PPB5, DS208TTR5, 1AS08-1-5/32D1 Disc Harrow Bearing, GW208PPB6, DS208TTR6, 16SG7-208E3 Disc Harrow Bearing, GW208PPB8, DS208TTR8, 2AS08-1-1/8D1 Disc Harrow Bearing, GW208PPB17 Disc Harrow Bearing, GW209PPB2, DS209TTR2, 3AC09D1 Disc Harrow Bearing, GW209PPB4, DS209TTR4, 3AC09-1-1/2D1 Disc Harrow Bearing, GW209PPB5, DS209TTR5, 842323M1 Disc Harrow Bearing, GW209PPB8, DS209TTR8, 20SG5-209E3 Disc Harrow Bearing, GW209PPB11, DS209TTR10, 1AC09DIV1 Disc Harrow Bearing, GW210PP4, DC210TTR4, 7AS10-1-1/8D1 Disc Harrow Bearing, GW210PP9, DC210TTR9 Disc Harrow Bearing, GW210PPB2, DS210TTR2, 3AC10-1-15/16D1 Disc Harrow Bearing, GW210PPB4, DS210TTR4, 18SG3-210E3, B2246 Disc Harrow Bearing, GW210PPB5, DS210TTR5, 3AC10-1-3/4D1, T54897 Disc Harrow Bearing, GW211PP2, DC211TTR2, 7AC11-2-3/16D1, JD8656 Disc Harrow Bearing, GW211PP3, DC211TTR3, 7AS11-1-1/2D1, G11071 Disc Harrow Bearing, GW211PP5, DC211TTR5 Disc Harrow Bearing, GW211PP17, DC211TTR3E Disc Harrow Bearing, GW211PP25, GW211PP37, DC211TTR21, SN3091 Disc Harrow Bearing, GW211PP27, DC211TTR27 , G12233 Disc Harrow Bearing, GW211PPB2, DS211TTR2, 3AC11-2-3/16D1, T57559 Disc Harrow Bearing, GW211PPB3, DS211TTR3, 3AS11-1-1/2D1,T51610, G10906 Disc Harrow Bearing, GW211PPB8, DS211TTR8R Disc Harrow Bearing, GW211PPB9, DS211TTR9, B34215 Disc Harrow Bearing, GW211PPB10 Disc Harrow Bearing, GW211PPB13, DS211TTR13, AN240221 Disc Harrow Bearing, GW211PPB14, DS211TTR14 Disc Harrow Bearing, GW214PP2, DC214TTR2, G10218 Disc Harrow Bearing, GW214PP3, DC214TTR3, 11504 Disc Harrow Bearing, GW214PPB2, DS214TTR2, 3AC14D1 Disc Harrow Bearing, GW214PPB3, DS214TTR3 Disc Harrow Bearing, GW214PPB4, 3AS14-2D1 Disc Harrow Bearing, GW214PPB5, DS214TTR5, 60249C91 Disc harrow Bearing 2-3/4" Round bore, GW214PPB6, DS214TTRA, JD8658 Disc Harrow Bearing, GW216PP2, DC216TTR2, JD8658 Disc Harrow Bearing, GW216PPB2, DS216TTR2, JD8658 Disc Harrow Bearing, RM1115K, E8730, DC210 Disc Harrow Bearing, W208K2, DC208TT, JD8565, T12093 Disc Harrow Bearing, W208K3, DC208, DC208TT,JD8565,T12903 Disc harrow Bearing, W208K3-E9003, DC208TT, AK3997B, T16289 Disc Harrow Bearing, W208PP5, DC208TT5, 5AS08-1-1/8 Disc Harrow Bearing, W208PP6, DC208TT6, 5AS08-1 Disc Harrow Bearing, W208PP8, DC208TT8, 6AS09-1-1/8 Disc Harrow Bearing, W208PP10, DC208TT10, 6AS09-1-1/8 Disc Harrow Bearing, W208PPB2, DS208TT2, 2AC08-1-1/2 Disc Harrow Bearing, W208PPB5, DS208TT5, 1AS08-1-1/8 Disc Harrow Bearing, W208PPB6, DS208TT6, 1AS08-1 Disc Harrow Bearing, W208PPB7, DS208TT7, 1AC08-1-3/16 Disc Harrow Bearing, W208PPB8, DS208TT8, 2AS08-1-1/8 Disc Harrow Bearing, W208PPB9, DS208TT9, 16S2-208E3 Disc Harrow Bearing, W208PPB10, DS208TT10 Disc Harrow Bearing, W208PPB11, DS208TT11, 4AS08-7/8 Disc Harrow Bearing, W208PPB12, DS208TT12, 4AS08-1-1/8 Disc Harrow Bearing, W208PPB13, DS208TT13, 1AS08-7/8 Disc Harrow Bearing, W208PPB19,DS208TT12A,11142416,204147G Disc harrow Bearing, W208PPB23, DS208TT2A Disc Harrow Bearing, W209PPB2, DS209TT2, R3-209E3 Disc Harrow Bearing, W209PPB4, DS209TT4, 3AC09-1-1/2 Disc Harrow Bearing, W209PPB5, DS209TT5, 2AS09-1-1/4 Disc Harrow Bearing, W209PPB7, DS209TT7, 20S4-209E3 Disc Harrow Bearing, W209PPB8, DS209TT8A Disc Harrow Bearing, W210PP2, DC210TT2, 7AC10-1-15/16 Disc Harrow Bearing, W210PP4, DC210TT4, 7AS10-1-1/8 Disc Harrow Bearing, W210PP8, DC210TT8 Disc Harrow Bearing, W210PPB2, DS210TT2, 3AC10-1-15/16 Disc Harrow Bearing, W210PPB4, DS210TT4, 3AS10-1-1/8 Disc Harrow Bearing, W210PPB5, DS210TT5, 3AS10-1-3/4 Disc Harrow Bearing, W210PPB6, DS210TT6, 2AS10-1-1/8 Disc Harrow Bearing, W210PPB9 Disc Harrow Bearing, W211PP2, DC211TT2, 7AC11-2-3/16 Disc Harrow Bearing, W211PP3, DC211TT3, 7AS11-1-1/2 Disc Harrow Bearing, W211PP5, DC211TT5, 6AS11-1-1/2V1 Disc Harrow Bearing, W211PPB2, DS211TT2, 3AC11-2-3/16 Disc Harrow Bearing, W211PPB3, DS211TT3, 3AS11-1-1/2 Disc Harrow Bearing, W211PPB4, ST627A, DS211TT4 ST627A Disc Harrow Bearing, W211PPB6, DS211TT6, 4AS11-1-1/2 Disc Harrow Bearing, W214PP2 Disc Harrow Bearing, W214PPB2 Disc Harrow Bearing, W214PPB9 Disc Harrow Bearing,

Disc Harrow Unit

Disc Harrow Unit, 1927110 Disc Units, Disc Harrow Unit, FD209RA, ST491A, BP491A, DHU1-3/4R209 Disc Harrow Unit, FD209RB, ST491B, DHU1-1/2R209 Disc Harrow Unit, FD209RK, DHU1-1/4S209 Disc Harrow Unit, FD209RM, FD209R, DHU1-1/8S209 Disc Harrow Unit, FD211RB, FD211RBA, DHU2-3/16R211 Disc Harrow Unit, FD211RE, FD211REA, DHU1-3/4R211 Disc Harrow Unit, FD211RJA, DHU1-15/16R211, ST3012A Disc Harrow Unit, AA30941 John Deere Disc Harrow Unit, AA30942 John Deere Disc Harrow Unit, FD211RM, FD211-1 1/2SQ, DHU1-1/2S211 Disc Harrow Unit, ST208-1N, FD208R Disc Harrow Unit, ST740B, DHU2-3/16R211 Disc Harrow Unit, SN3090, GW211PP25-HDT-211-H, 140477Trunnion Bearing Sunflower & Landoll, FD211-39 SQ2 Disc Harrow Unit, ST491 SQ30.5 Flanged Disc bearing with Square Bore 30.5mm, ST740 DIsc Harrow Unit, ST740 SQ41 Disc Harrow Unit, PN00036, P05431 Disc Harrow Unit,

Gauge wheel bearing

5203KYY2, 5203VVAN, DAC164044-2RS, AN212132, GA6171, GP822-170C Agricultural Planter Bearing, 5206KPP3, 5206KYY3, GA8603 Coulter Hub Special Agricultural Bearing, AA35638 Special Agricultural Bearing, AA35951B Special Agricultural Bearing, AA38106 Special Agricultural Bearing, F04100040, RBF#PN00035, 56345058 Special Agricultural Bearing, AA59196, P59196 John Deere Opener Special Agricultural Bearing, P198922, 1989222C1 Case-IH cornheader Special Agricultural Bearing, 885151E, W2385-2, 526769C1, T26882, P3573 Special Agricultural Bearing, 885152, AA35741, AA21015, GA2022, 1258558C91 Special Agricultural Bearing, 885154B, AN131668, MF446612M1, W2289-3, 369851 Special Agricultural Bearing, 885118,P6310,42185M1,601440F1 Special Agricultural Bearing,

Hex Bore Agricultural Bearing

Hex Bore Agricultural Bearing, 206KPP6,HPC100TPD Hex Bore Agricultural Bearing, AA35645 Hex Bore Agricultural Bearing, AA35646 Hex Bore Agricultural Bearing, AA36212 Hex Bore Agricultural Bearing, W208PP21,HPC104TPA,AE46606 Hex Bore Agricultural Bearing, 204KRR2,HPC011GP,1AH04-11/16,11KB204N Hex bore Agricultural bearing, 204KRRB2,HPS011GP,11K204N Hex Bore Agricultural Bearing, 205KPP2 Hex Bore Agricultural Bearing, 205KRR2,HPC014GP,AA28271,AE29876,1AH05-7/8 Hex Bore Agricultural Bearing, 205KRRB2,HPS014GP,JD8260,AA22097,195293C Hex Bore Agricultural Bearing, 205KRRBAH02,SK014-205-KRR-B Hex Bore Agricultural Bearing, 206KRR6,HPC100GP,1AH06-1,16KB206N Hex Bore Agricultural Bearing, 206KRRB6,HPS100GP,2AH06-1,JD9313,211587C91,A5636 Hex Bore Agricultural Bearing, 206KRRBAH06,SK100-206-KRRB-AH11 Hex Bore Agricultural Bearing, 207KPPB3 Hex Bore Agricultural Bearing, 207KRRB9,HPS102GP,2AH07-1 1/8,18K207N Hex Bore Agricultural Bearing, 207KRRB12,HPS102GPE,AN102010,156816C91 Hex Bore Agricultural Bearing, 207KRRB17,HPS102GP3,JD9420 Hex Bore Agricultural Bearing, 207KRRBAH02,SK104-207-KRRB-AH12 Hex Bore Agricultural Bearing, 207KRRBAH09,SK102-207-KRRB-AH10 Hex Bore Agricultural Bearing, 209KRRB2,HPS108GPH,AE40895,2AH09-1 1/2,24K209N Hex Bore Agricultural Bearing, 210PPB20 Hex Bore Agricultural Bearing, 210RRB6,HPS108GPB,G210KPPB2,AE42880,BP13043-A Hex Bore Agricultural Bearing, Hex bore agricultural bearing with triple lip seals Relubricable G206KPP4, GC1200KPPB2,GC211-32-NLC Hex Bore Agricultural Bearing, W208KRRB6,HPS106GPN Hex Bore Agricultural Bearing, W208PPB16,HPS104TP,A2AH08-1 1/4V2 Hex Bore Agricultural Bearing,

Special Agricultural Bearing

Special Agricultural Bearing, W247647B Special Agricultural bearing, PN60005, 3198760 Special Agricultural Bearing, PN60002, LD35/72-2RS, 3198750 Special Agricultural Bearing:, GNE60KRRB Special Agricultural Bearing, G14830390 PN00039 Special Agricultural Bearing, AA22558, RX438, SH32558 Special Agricultural bearing, 88107BGG,A30137 Special Agricultural Bearing, 205NTT-750 Special Agricultural Bearing, 205DDS-5/8,205VVH,GP188-001V Special Agricultural bearing, 203KRR5,203RRAR8,611928R91 Special Agricultural Bearing, GP188-006V Special Agricultural bearing, GP188-006V Special Agricultural bearing, 202NPP9, 202FFH8 Special Agricultural Bearing, 203JD, 203KYP2, 5X0366LUL, AA34132 Special Agricultural bearings, 203KRR2, 203RRAR10, JD9214 Special Agricultural Bearing, 203KRR3, 203RR3 Special Ag Bearing, 203KRR5, 203RRAR8, 611928R91 Special Agricultural Bearing, 203KRR6,6095 Special Agricultural bearing, 203NPP9 Special Agricultural bearing, 204KRD4, 204FGB Special Agricultural Bearing, 204KRR14 Special Agricultural bearing, 204PY3,204FREN, DG1645-2RS, AA21480 Special Ag Bearing, 204RR8,204KRR8,204BBE Special Agricultural Bearing, 204RR6, 204BBAR, Z9504-2RST Special Agricultural Bearing, 204RY2, 204FVMN, AA21480, GP822-011c Special Agricultural Bearing, 205DDS-3/4 , GP188-007V Special Agricultural bearing, 205DDS-5/8, GP188-001V Special Agricultural bearing, 205KP6, 205TNJ Special Agricultural bearing, 205KP8,205TNK,JD104448 Special Agricultural bearing, 205KRP2,205RVA,A27002 Special Agricultural bearing, 205KYY3,205VVA Special Agricultural bearing, 205PP8 Special Agricultural bearing, 205PP9,205NPP9,205TTB Special Agricultural bearing, 205PP10 Special Agricultural bearing, 205PP12,205TTP Special Agricultural bearing, 205PPB7,205TTH,BS217948N Special Agricultural Bearing, 205RRAN Special Agricultural bearing, 206GGH,206KPP16 Special Agricultural bearing, 206KPPB5,HPS100TPD,Special Agricultural bearing, 206KRP4,204KPR4,AA34616 Special Agricultural bearing, 207KRR3,88107,574428R91 Special Agricultural Bearing, 207KRR14 Special Agricultural Bearing, 207KYY,88107BVV,JD A36060, Special Agricultural Bearing, 208KRR4,88128R Special Agricultural bearing, 5204KYY2, 5204KPP3 Double row Agricultural Planter Bearing, 6006RK,AA38601 Special Agricultural Bearing, 88107 BGG Bearing, 315261 Special Agricultural bearing, 205GP, AA205DD Special Agricultural bearing, AN102010,196816C91 Special Agricultural Bearing, AN281813 John Deere Coulter Hub Special Ag Bearing, H204RR11, 247167B, 204FRK Special Agricultural bearing, RX84 Special Agricultural Bearing, X365 Special Agricultural Bearing, Z9504-2RST,204BBAR Special Ag Bearing, 1927110, GW209PPB22-BR209RH, CDS209TTR6P Special AG bearing, 2410110, GW211PPB21-BR211RH, CDS211TTR23 Special AG bearing, P204RR6,204BBAR,Z9504-2RST Special Agricultural Bearing, 205NTT-625 Special Agricultural Bearing, 5204KRP50, 822-232C Special Agricultural bearing, 207KRRAH03 Speical Agricultural Bearings, 1580205 Special Agricultural Bearings, 1580206 Special Agricultural Bearings, 1580207 Special Agricultural Bearings, 1580209 Special Agricultural Bearings, 1580211 Special Agricultural Bearings, 1680204 Special Agricultural Bearings, 1680205 Special Agricultural Bearings, 1680206 Special Agricultural Bearings, 1680207 Special Agricultural Bearings, 1680208 Special Agricultural Bearings, TINKEN 342A/332 Roller Bearing, 3209NPPBAH02 INA 3209NPPB Special Agricultural Bearing, 13600LA/13685/13621 Roller Bearings, 20210K/C3 Spherical Roller Bearings, 20211K/C3 215492 Spherical Roller Bearings, 20213K/C3 Spherical Roller Bearings, TINKEN 25580/20 Tapered Roller Bearing, 214490C91 669534R1 VFMST1 Mounting flange bearings New, Case-IH, International, 1317250C91 Bearing-Flanged for CNH machine, AB12603 LM501334SD 469384R91,518819R91,469838R91 Square Bore Double Tapered bearing, BR31452, AA31452 Disc Harrow Bearing, BR125975 AH125975 9833081 JOHN DEERE ball Bearings, John Deere AZ37467 Special Agricultural Bearing, AZ41913 John Deere New Ford New Holland ball Bearing, NTN CS310LLU Ball Bearing, INA F110390 Hub Wheel Bearings, F04100149 Gaspardo OEM Bearing, G5209KYYB2 PEER Agriculture BearingBearings, GWR209PPB30,GW209PPB23+BR209RH,CDS209TTR6PA Disc Bearing, TINKEN JLM506849/10 Taper Roller Bearing, TINKEN LM67048/10 Taper Roller Bearing, TINKEN LM501349/10 Tapered Roller Bearing, TINKEN LM603049/11 Taper Roller Bearing, INA LR5304AH01 Rollering bearing, PN00028 F233449 3199367 RCJT25 Bearing Housing Units, PN00029 3199371, RCJT25x400x43GGG, F-239975 Bearing Housing Units, PN00030 3199352 Bearing Housing Units, PN00032 3199372 F232812 GGME07-AH07 Bearing Housing Units, PN00033 3199365, F-232025.2 Bearing Housing Units, RBF PN70013 Special bearings, SBX1706LLXC4/L738 Special Agricultural Bearing, SL045013 SL045013PP SL045013PPC3 Cylinder Roller Bearings, SN3061/SN3062 Sunflower Bearing, GA9846 Kinze Planter Flanged Bearing,

Guide roller bearings

LFR50/5NPP Guide Roller Bearing, LFR50/8NPP Guide Roller Bearing, LFR5201NPP Guide Roller Bearing, LFR5201-12 NPP Guide Roller Bearing, LFR5201-14 NPP Guide Roller Bearing, LFR5206-20 NPP Guide Roller Bearing, LFR5301KDD Guide roller bearings, LFR5301-20KDD Guide roller bearings, LFR5301-20NPP Guide Roller Bearing, INA LR5304AH01 Rollering bearing, SS LFR50/5-6-2RS Track Roller Bearings,

One Way Clutch Bearings

CSK series One Way Clutch Bearings

CSK8 One way Clutch Bearings, CSK10 One way Clutch Bearings, CSK12 One way Clutch Bearings, CSK15 One way Clutch Bearings, CSK17 One way Clutch Bearings, CSK20 One way Clutch Bearings, CSK25 One way Clutch Bearings, CSK30 One way Clutch Bearings, CSK35 One way Clutch Bearings, CSK40 One way Clutch Bearings, CSK6004 One way Clutch Bearings, CSK6005 One way Clutch Bearings, CSK6304 One way Clutch Bearings, CSK6305 One way Clutch Bearings,

CSK-2RS sereis One Way Clutch Bearings

CSK12-2RS One way Clutch Bearings, CSK15-2RS One way Clutch Bearings, CSK17-2RS One way Clutch Bearings, CSK20-2RS One way Clutch Bearings, CSK25-2RS One way Clutch Bearings, CSK30-2RS One way Clutch Bearings, CSK35-2RS One way Clutch Bearings, CSK40-2RS One way Clutch Bearings, OW6004-2RS One way Clutch Bearings, OW6006-2RS One way Clutch Bearings, OW6205-2RS One way Clutch Bearings,

CSK-P, CSK-PP series One Way Clutch Bearings

CSK10P, CSK10PP One way Clutch Bearings, CSK12P, CSK12PP One way Clutch Bearings, CSK15P, CSK15PP One way Clutch Bearings, CSK17P, CSK17PP One way Clutch Bearings, CSK20P, CSK20PP One way Clutch Bearings, CSK25P, CSK25PP One way Clutch Bearings, CSK30P, CSK30PP One way Clutch Bearings, CSK35P, CSK35PP One way Clutch Bearings, CSK40P, CSK40PP One way Clutch Bearings,

Replacement for Cornheader Parts

case-IH Cornheader Parts

176278C1 case-IH Upper Gathering chain Drive Sprocket, 176279C91 CA555-48-C6E-8 case-IH Cornhead Gathering chain, 176301C2 case-IH Stalk roller Cupling Shaft, 176386C91 case-IH STALK ROLLER ASSY Oil Seal, 199408C1 case-IH STALK ROLLER SHIM, 199491C1 case-IH Drive Sprocket Oil Seal, 199497C1 case-IH Upper Gathering chain Drive Sprocket, 199806C1 case-IH STALK ROLLER SHIM, 199884C1 case-IH STALK ROLLER driven shaft Oil Seal, 381721R91 case-IH Gathering Chain Drive Shaft Oil Seal, 1327159C1 case-IH STALK ROLLER SHIM, 1989222C1 case-IH Cornhead Stem bearing, 86837081 case-IH Upper Gathering chain Drive Sprocket,

John Deere Cornheader Parts

104090R H104090 John Deere Cornhead Snapping Roller, 104091L H104091 John Deere Cornhead Snapping Roller, 70577247 AGCO-GLEANER Cornhead Gathering chain drive Sprocket, 71351081 KHC110 Hugger Cornhead Snapping roller flute, 71391292B AGCO-GLEANER Hugger Cornhead Gathering chain drive Sprocket, AH101219 John Deere Cornhead Gathering Chain Lower Idler Sprocket, AH233138 AH233139 CA620 John Deere Cornhead Gathering Chain, AN71326 John Deere Dirve Sprocket Shaft Grease seal, AN102006 John Deere Gear Box Input Spur Oil seal, AN102009 176279C91 CA555-48-C6E-8 John Deere Cornhead Gathering Chain, AN102010,196816C91 Special Agricultural Bearing, AN102266 John Deere Stalk Rollers Grease seal, AN102448 John Deere Cornhead Gathering Chain Lower Idler Sprocket, H84479 John Deere Cornhead Gathering Chain Lower Idler Support, H85252 John Deere Cornhead Gathering Upper Drive Sprocket, H153898 John Deere Lower Idler Support, 104096 N104096 John Deere Bushing, H233287 H221814 John Deere Upper Drive Gathering Chain Sprocket,

Replacement Parts for Great Plains

205DD5/8-BR Great Plains bearing & Retainer Assembly, GP107-133S, gp107-135S, A600157 Great Plains Drill Disc Opener Assembly, GP107-138S Great Plains Drill Disc Opener Assembly, GP107-229S, GP107-054S, P135GP Great Plains Drill Disc Opener Assembly, GP188-001V, 205DDS-5/8,205VVH Special Agricultural bearing, GP188-006V, 205 Special Agricultural bearing, GP188-007V, 205DDS-3/4 Special Agricultural bearing, GP807-076C Great Plains Down Presser Spring, GP807-088C Great Plains Down Presser Spring, 822-011C, 820-003C, 204PY3, 204FREN Special Ag Bearing, GP822-207C AA30941 John Deere Disc Harrow Unit,

Replacement Parts for Sunflower

GW211PP37 GW211PP25 DC211TTR21 SN3091 Disc Harrow Bearing, SN3090 140477 Disc Harrow Trunnion Bearing Sunflower & Landoll, SN3090H Trunnion Bearing Housing only for Sunflower, AMCO & Landoll, SN3091, GW211PP25, DC211TTR21 Disc Harrow Bearing, SN3094 P11064 Snap Ring for Sunflower Disc Harrow Trunion Assy, SN4924 100104 Shield Washer for Sunflower Disc Harrow Trunion Assy, SN5715 Spring Tine for Sunflower,

Deep Groove Ball Bearings

Deep Groove Ball Bearings 1600 series, Deep Groove Ball Bearings 6200 series, Deep Groove Ball Bearings 6300 series, Deep Groove Ball Bearings 6800 series, Deep Groove Ball Bearings 62200 series, Deep Groove Ball Bearings RLS series, Deep Groove Ball Bearings RMS series, LFR 50-5-6-2RS,

Insert Bearings & Units

2 Bolt Flange Unit

2 Bolt Flange Unit NAFL series, 2 Bolt Flange Unit UCFL200 series,

4 Bolt Flange Unit

4 Bolt Flange Unit NAF200, HCF200 series, 4 Bolt Flange Unit UCF200 series,

Insert Bearing

G1012KRRB Radial Insert Ball Bearings, G1100KRRB Radial Insert Ball Bearings, G1102KRRB Radial Insert Ball Bearings, G1103KRRB Radial Insert Ball Bearings, G1104KRRB Radial Insert Ball Bearings, GE...KRRB series Radial Insert Bearing, NA series, HC series Radial Insert Bearing, GRAE series, RACE series Radial Insert Bearing, SA200 series Radial Insert Bearing, UC200 series Radial Insert Bearing, SB200 series Radial Insert Bearing, G1105KRRB Radial Insert Ball Bearings, G1106KRRB Radial Insert Ball Bearings, G1107KRRB Radial Insert Ball Bearings, G1108KRRB Radial Insert Ball Bearings, G1109KRRB Radial Insert Ball Bearings, G1110KRRB Radial Insert Ball Bearings, G1111KRRB Radial Insert Ball Bearings, G1112KRRB Radial Insert Ball Bearings, G1113KRRB Radial Insert Ball Bearings, G1114KRRB Radial Insert Ball Bearings, G1115KRRB Radial Insert Ball Bearings, G1200KRRB Radial Insert Ball Bearings, G1201KRRB Radial Insert Ball Bearings, G1203KRRB Radial Insert Ball Bearings, G1204KRRB Radial Insert Ball Bearings, G1205KRRB Radial Insert Ball Bearings, G1206KRRB Radial Insert Ball Bearings, G1207KRRB Radial Insert Ball Bearings, G1210KRRB Radial Insert Ball Bearings, G1211KRRB Radial Insert Ball Bearings, G1212KRRB Radial Insert Ball Bearings, G1213KRRB Radial Insert Ball Bearings, G1214KRRB Radial Insert Ball Bearings, G1215KRRB Radial Insert Ball Bearings, GE17KRRB Radial Insert Ball Bearings, GE20KRRB Radial Insert Ball Bearings, GE25KPPB3 Radial Insert Ball Bearings, GE25KRRB Radial Insert Ball Bearings, GE30KPPB3 Radial Insert Ball Bearings, GE30KRRB Radial Insert Ball Bearings, GE35KPPB3 Radial Insert Ball Bearings, GE35KRRB Radial Insert Ball Bearings, GE40KPPB3 Radial Insert Ball Bearings, GE40KRRB Radial Insert Ball Bearings, GE45KPPB3 Radial Insert Ball Bearings, GE45KRRB Radial Insert Ball Bearings, GE 50 KPPB3 Radial Insert Ball Bearings, GE50KRRB Radial Insert Ball Bearings, GE 55 KPPB3 Radial Insert Ball Bearings, GE55KRRB Radial Insert Ball Bearings, GE60KRRB Radial Insert Ball Bearings, GE70KRRB Radial Insert Ball Bearings, GE75KRRB Radial Insert Ball Bearings, GN103KRRB Radial Insert Ball Bearings, GN104KRRB Radial Insert Ball Bearings, GN105KRRB Radial Insert Ball Bearings, GN106KRRB Radial Insert Ball Bearings, GN108KRRB Radial Insert Ball Bearings, GN110KRRB Radial Insert Ball Bearings, GN111KRRB Radial Insert Ball Bearings, GN112KRRB Radial Insert Ball Bearings, GN114KRRB Radial Insert Ball Bearings, GN115KRRB Radial Insert Ball Bearings, GNE30KRRB Radial Insert Ball Bearings, GNE35KRRB Radial Insert Ball Bearings, GNE40KRRB Radial Insert Ball Bearings, GNE50KRRB Radial Insert Ball Bearings, GNE60KRRB Radial Insert Ball Bearings, GNE70KRRB Radial Insert Ball Bearings, GRAE12NPPB, GRAE12RRB Radial Insert Ball Bearings, GRAE15NPPB, GRAE15RRB Radial Insert Ball Bearings, GRAE17NPPB, GRAE17RRB Radial Insert Ball Bearings, GRAE20NPPB, GRAE20RRB Radial Insert Ball Bearings, GRAE25NPPB, GRAE25RRB Radial Insert Ball Bearings, GRAE30NPPB, GRAE30RRB Radial Insert Ball Bearings, GRAE35NPPB, GRAE35RRB Radial Insert Ball Bearings, GRAE40NPPB, GRAE40RRB Radial Insert Ball Bearings, GRAE45NPPB, GRAE45RRB Radial Insert Ball Bearings, GRAE50NPPB, GRAE50RRB Radial Insert Ball Bearings, GRAE55NPPB, GRAE55RRB Radial Insert Ball Bearings, RA012RR, RA012NPP Radial Insert Ball Bearings, RA014RR, RA014NPP Radial Insert Ball Bearings, RA015RR, RA015NPP Radial Insert Ball Bearings, RA100RR, RA100NPP Radial Insert Ball Bearings, RA102RR, RA102NPP Radial Insert Ball Bearings, RA103RR, RA103NPP Radial Insert Ball Bearings, RA104RR, RA104NPP Radial Insert Ball Bearings, RA106RR, RA106NPP Radial Insert Ball Bearings, RA107RR, RA107NPP Radial Insert Ball Bearings, RA108RR, RA108NPP Radial Insert Ball Bearings, RA110RR, RA110NPP Radial Insert Ball Bearings, RA112RR, RA112NPP Radial Insert Ball Bearings, RA114RR, RA114NPP Radial Insert Ball Bearings, RA115RR, RA115NPP Radial Insert Ball Bearings, RA200RR, RA200NPP Radial Insert Ball Bearings, RAE12NPPB, RAE12RRB, SA201 Radial Insert Ball Bearings, RAE15NPPB, RAE15RRB, SA202 Radial Insert Ball Bearings, RAE17NPPB, RAE17RRB, SA203 Radial Insert Ball Bearings, RAE20NPPB, RAE20RRB, SA204 Radial Insert Ball Bearings, RAE25NPPB, RAE25RRB, SA205 Radial Insert Ball Bearings, RAE30NPPB, RAE30RRB, SA206 Radial Insert Ball Bearings, RAE35NPPB, RAE35RRB, SA207 Radial Insert Ball Bearings, RAE40NPPB, RAE40RRB, SA208 Radial Insert Ball Bearings, RAE45NPPB, RAE45RRB, SA209 Radial Insert Ball Bearings, RAE50NPPB, RAE50RRB, SA210 Radial Insert Ball Bearings, RAE55NPPB, RAE55RRB Radial Insert Ball Bearings, GRAE60NPPB, GRAE60RRB Radial Insert Ball Bearings,

Pillow Block

Pillow Block NAP, HCP series, Pillow Block NAPK series, Pillow Block UCP series, Pillow Block UCPK series,

Stamped Steel Mounting Flange Unit

Stamped Steel Mounting Flange Units

Take-up Unit

Take-up Unit NAT, HCT series, Take-up Unit UCT series,

Thrust Ball Bearings

Thrust Ball Bearings 2900 series, Thrust Ball Bearings 51100 series, Thrust Ball Bearings 51200 series, Thrust Ball Bearings 51300 series, Thrust Ball Bearings O-A inch series, Thrust Bearing with Hull Clutches Series,

Tapered Roller Bearings

Tapered Roller Bearings 30200 series, Tapered Roller Bearings 30300 series, Tapered Roller Bearings 32000 series, Tapered Roller Bearings 32200 series, Tapered Roller Bearings 32300 series, Tapered Roller Bearings Inch series,

Spherical Plain Bearings

GE..ES, GE..ES-2RS series, GE..HO-2RS series, GE..LO series, GE..UK-2RS series, GE..UK series, GEG..ES, GEG..ES-2RS series, GEZ..ES, GEZ..ES-2RS series,

Needle Roller Bearings

Drawn Cup Full Complent series

Drawn Cup Full Complent series

Drawn Cup Needle roller Bearing

Drawn Cup Needle roller Bearing

Inner Ring

Inner Rings series

Needle roller Bearing with Inner ring

Needle roller Bearing with Inner ring

Needle roller Bearing without Inner ring

Needle Roller Bearings without Inner Ring

Cylindrical Roller Bearings

Cylindrical Roller Bearings

Self-Aligning Bearings

Self-Aligning Ball Bearing

Self-Aligning Ball Bearings

Self-Aligning Roller Bearing

Self-Aligning Roller Bearing

Automotive Bearings

Air Conditioner Bearing

Air Conditioner Bearing

Clutch Bearing

28TAG12E Auto Clutch Release Bearing, 30TAG12 Auto Clutch Release Bearing, 32TAG12 Auto Clutch Release Bearing, 35TAG12 Auto Clutch Release Bearing, 40TAG12 Auto Clutch Release Bearing, 50TAG12 Auto Clutch Release Bearing, 108710 Auto Clutch Release Bearing, 528548B Auto Shock absorber Bearing, 588911 Auto Clutch Release Bearing, 688811 Auto Clutch Release Bearing, 688911 Auto Clutch Release Bearing, 986714 Auto Clutch Release Bearing, B-101, B-106, B-130 Auto Shock absorber Bearing, 88 Auto Shock absorber Bearing, T101 Auto Shock absorber Bearing, T103 Auto Shock absorber Bearing, T113 Auto Shock absorber Bearing, T113 Auto Shock absorber Bearing, T119 Auto Shock absorber Bearing, T126 Auto Shock absorber Bearing, T139 Auto Shock absorber Bearing, T144 Auto Shock absorber Bearing, T149 Auto Shock absorber Bearing, T163 Auto Shock absorber Bearing, T182 Auto Shock absorber Bearing, T188S Auto Shock absorber Bearing, T194S Auto Shock absorber Bearing, T199 Auto Shock absorber Bearing, T208, T208S Auto Shock absorber Bearing, T1490S Auto Shock absorber Bearing, T1822S Auto Shock absorber Bearing, T1910 Auto Shock absorber Bearing, TAG47-1 Auto Shock absorber Bearing, Y30-1AB Auto Shock absorber Bearing,

Tensioner Bearing

Tensioner Bearing

Water Pump Bearing

Water Pump Bearing

Wheel Bearing

Wheel Bearing

Stamped Steel Mounting Flange

2-Bolt Hole Self-Aligning Mounting Flanges, 3-Bolt Hole Round Self-Aligning Mounting Flanges, 4-Bolt Hole Round Self-Aligning Mounting Flanges, 4-Bolt Hole Square Self-Aligning Mounting Flanges, JD85, JD100 Disc Flanges, Round Relubricable Mounting Flanges, Stamped Steel Pillow Block Housings, Triangular 3-Bolt Hole Self-Aligning Mounting Flanges,


Agricultural Chain

C type steel Agricultural Chains, CA type steel Agricuitural Chains, S type steel Agricultural Chains, Steel Detachable Chains, Cornhead Gathering Chains,

Cornhead Gathering Chain

Cornhead Gathering Chain, Cornhead Gathering Chain, Cornhead Gathering Chain, Cornhead Gathering Chain, Cornhead Gathering Chain, Cornhead Gathering Chain,

Roller Chain

Double Pitch transmission Chains, Heavy Duty Roller Chains, Short Pitch Precision Chains ( B series), Short Pitch Precision Roller Chains (A series),

Oil Seals

CR series Oil Seal, TB series Oil seal, TC, CC series Oil Seal,


Corn head Gathering Drive Sprocket

Corn head Gathering Drive Sprocket, Corn head Gathering Drive Sprocket, Corn head Gathering Drive Sprocket,

Corn head Gathering Idler Sprocket

Corn head Gathering Idler Sprocket, Corn head Gathering Idler Sprocket,

Other Sprocket

Hub Sprocket, American series, European series, Non-standard-Sprocket,

Farm Replacement Parts


Chopper, Chopper, Chopper,

Grain Drills

Knife Guard

Knife Section

Knife Section, Knife Section, Knife Section, Knife Section, Knife Section, Knife Section, Knife Section,

Replacement Parts for Cornheaders

Replacement Parts for Cornheaders, Replacement Parts for Cornheaders, Replacement Parts for Cornheaders, Replacement Parts for Cornheaders, Replacement Parts for Cornheaders, Replacement Parts for Cornheaders, Replacement Parts for Cornheaders,

Spring Tine

Spring Tine, Spring Tine, Spring Tine, Spring Tine, Spring Tine, Spring Tine, Spring Tine,


Springs, Springs, Springs, Springs, Springs, Springs, Press spring,

Stamped Parts

Stamped Part, Stamped Part, Stamped Part, Stamped Part, Stamped Part, Stamped Part, Stamped Part,

Agricultural Belts

Agricultural Belts, Agricultural Belts, Agricultural Belts, Agricultural Belts, Agricultural Belts,

Bolts, U-bolt

U-bolt, Bolts,

Repalcement For Planter Parts

Case-IH Planter Parts

90850C92 P140IHL 14" Case-IH Heavy duty Seed Disc Opener Assembly, 90851C92 P140IHR 14" Case-IH Heavy duty Seed Disc Opener Assembly, 1258558C91 AA35741 GA2022 885152 A21015 Special Agricultural Bearing, 492757R91 492532R91 1268017C91 145161C91 204FREN 204PY3 Special Ag Bearing,

John Deere Planter Parts

A23116 GA2054 John Deere Planter Down pressure Spring, A25915 John Deere Gauge Wheel bearing Spacer, A43609 John Deere Planter Down pressure Spring, A48290 John Deere Planter Left hand Bushing for closing Wheel Arm, A48430 John Deere Planter Right CAM Bushing for closing Wheel Arm, A48879 John Deere Planter GUARD, A50047 John Deere Planter Spring, A51723 John Deere Planter Shift Collar Bushing, A53242 John Deere Planter Shift Collar Bushing, A55888 John Deere Planter Bushing for closing Wheel Arm, 135GP 107-054S 107-229S Great Plain Heavy duty Seed Disc Opener Assembly, A69139 A55890 John Deere Rotating Scraper Arm, A69140 A55891 John Deere Right hand Scraper Arm, A74643 A57290 A47132 John Deere Planter Closing Wheel Spring, AA21480 204FREN 204PY3 Special Ag Bearing, AA22097 JD8260 195293C Hex Bore Agricultural Bearing, AA22325 GD1085 17632 Closing Wheel tire for John Deere Planters, AA26443 GA2012L Scraper Assembly, AA26444 GA2012L Scraper Assembly, AA35638 Special Agricultural Bearing, AA35645 Hex Bore Agricultural Bearing, AA35646 Hex Bore Agricultural Bearing, AA35741 885152 A21015 GA2022 1258558C91 Special Agricultural Bearing, AA35951B Special Agricultural Bearing, AA36212 Hex Bore Agricultural Bearing, AA37221 John Deere Seed Disc Rotating Scraper Wheel Assembly, AA37474 AA55927 AA20242 GA8324 852063 15" John Deere Seed Disc Opener Assembly, AA37552 AA37839 John Deere Planter Closing wheel Arm, AA38106 Special Agricultural Bearing, AA38447 AN281359 AN280966 Metal Closing Wheel ASSY for John Deere Planters, AA39968 854262 GA6439 Closing Wheel ASSY for John Deere Planters, AA41968 Gauge Wheel ARM Kit for John Deere Planters, AA43898 Closing Wheel ASSY for John Deere Planters, AA43899 GA3086 AA33297 Closing Wheel ASSY for John Deere Planters, AA54179 Gauge Wheel ARM Kit for John Deere Planters, AA59196,P59196 John Deere Opener Special Agricultural Bearing, AA65248 15" John Deere Seed Disc Opener Assembly, AA66604 Closing Wheel ASSY for John Deere Planters, AB10071 GA2052 John Deere Planter Down pressure Spring, AN212132 5203KYY2 5203VVAN DAC164044-2RS Double row Gauge Wheel Bearing, P37221K AA54726 John Deere Seed Disc Rotating Scraper Kit, RS315 AH133315 John Deere Rotating Scraper, RS315K John Deere Rotating Scraper Kit,

Kinze Planter Parts

GA2012L AA26444 KINZE Hand Scraper Assembly, GA2012R AA26443 KINZE hand Scraper Assembly, AA21480 204FREN 204PY3 Special Ag Bearing, GA2022 885152 A21015 1258558C91 Special Agricultural Bearing, GA2052 AB10071 KINZE Planter Down pressure Spring, GA2054 A23116 KINZE Planter Down pressure Spring, GA3086 AA43899 AA33297 Closing Wheel ASSY for KINZE Planters, GA6171 5203KYY2 5203VVAN DAC164044-2RS Double row Gauge Wheel Bearing,

AG Wheel Hubs & Spindles

AG Hubs

280501 Coulter Hub FOR 633, 280511 Coulter Hub Q709, 280521 Coulter Hub Q719, 280551 Coulter Hub Q888, 281001 Coulter Hub FOR Q669, 281011 Coulter Hub W25-5, F&H104683, 281021 Coulter Hub W25-6, F&H105218, 281031 Coulter Hub W30-6, F&H106749, 281101 Coulter Hub 10-4, 281621 Coulter Hub Q809,

AG Spindles

AG280700 Spindle for 633, AG280710 Spindle for 709,719,809, AG280720 Spindle for Q888, AG280731 Spindle for Q803, AG280771 Spindle for Q669, AG280964 Spindle for 280591, Q670, AG280986 Spindle for 280681, AG281200 Spindle for 281001, AG281210 Spindle for 281011, 281021, W25-5, W25-6, AG281220 Spindle for 281031, W30-6, F&H106749, AG281230 Spindle for 281041, W35-6, F&H106164, AG281240 Spindle for 281051, 281061, AG281250 Spindle for 281071, W45-8, AG281260 Spindle for 281081, W60-8, AG289510 Spindle for 281081, Q783, AG289520 Spindle for 287804, AG289530 Spindle for 289031, Q611, AG478375 Spindle for CASE/IH Disc Harrow, AG1978726 1978726C1 Spindle,

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